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life sciences careers trends

7 Major Trends in Life Sciences Careers for 2017

The life sciences careers industry spreads across a group of innovative fields that work together to bring out the best of healthcare. With the growing dominance of technology, there are some major changes happening in life sciences careers. If you’re looking to stay at the top of the industry, you need to be aware of…

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How to Navigate in the Gig Economy

The life sciences workplace is changing. Over the past few years, several economic and sociological factors have contributed to a rise of professional freelancers while at the same time seeing a reduction of benefits tied to full-time employment. This has given rise to the ‘gig-economy’ – a phrase used more and more to mean a…

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What does Turesol offer you? In a word… FLEXIBILITY!

Need someone for a short term engagement? We have the biotech and pharmaceutical experts who can be there when you need them! Need someone for a permanent position but want to “try before you buy”? Check out our temp-to-perm conversion services. Need more than staffing? Need someone to provide AND manage your resources? Whether it’s…

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