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Pharmaceutical Recruitment: 7 Signs Your New Hire Isn’t Working Out

There’s nothing more important than finding the right person for the job. However, job candidates don’t always pan out the way we would like. Some pharmaceutical recruitment hires seem like hidden gems on paper, but eventually prove to be duds. This happens more often than hiring managers would like to admit. In fact, research shows…

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7 Must-Have Pharma Recruitment Strategies

Finding and keeping ideal talent for a pharmaceutical company can be a daunting task. However, it doesn’t have to be insurmountable — with a solid recruitment strategy, you can build a team with the best talent possible. We put together a guide to seven solid recruitment strategies to help you identify high-performing candidates with the…

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What Speed Dating Can Teach us About Recruiting

The hiring process is remarkably similar to dating when you begin to take a closer look. Both require a tremendous amount of patience, aptitude, and intuition. And sometimes, both result in more duds than successes. A recent trend in recruitment borrows philosophies from the dating world. Known as speed interviewing, this brand new approach is…

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